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Hello and Welcome to MINDBODYONE!


I am Gergana and have created MindBodyOne to share my Heal & Feel Good Food for Mind and Body and be in service to the people in need.

I believe that we are all one. MindBody and the rest. We are what we eat and what we think. When we are open to learn and perceive, when we enjoy ourselves and live boldly, when we do what we love and most importantly are true to our intentions life flows. Dreams become reality.

It is all about balancing the energy of our days. 

From My Kitchen & More 


I love to cook and experiment with ingredients. My kitchen is where I spend fun time. Usually I multitask and time is high commodity, so recipes are easy and quick to make. I share  all my experience and knowledge with the pure intention to be useful and in help of those in need.


Inspiration, Motivation, Guidance

Explore within, express freely, learn the language of your body, learn to cook and bake Gluten, Dairy, Sugar Free

mindbodyone Gergana Branzova